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Mesker is launching a new antimicrobial door, pre-finished in a antimicrobial paint--ideal for clean room doors, hospital doors, chemical room doors and a variety of institutional door and frame applications.

It used to be that if you wanted a factory-finished hollow metal door and frame delivered to your jobsite you might has well be hoping for snow in July.  But thanks to Mesker Door, that’s no longer true.

Because Mesker has invested in new steel door painting technologies, it’s possible to have custom finished doors and frames delivered.

We’re not only supplying custom finished doors, but we’re doing it an environmentally friendly way. In our Huntsville, Alabama plant, we’ve installed a state-of-the-art, post-painted system that gives your door and frame an electrostatic, baked on finish that’s HAPS and VOC free. Our innovative system has even been nominated for an air pollution control achievement award.

Our variety of Sherwin Williams paint colors is so broad that you can match not only colors but tints, giving you an array of décor options. So, “go green” with custom, prefinished doors that are offer green as one of thousands of color choices in our water-based, Sherwin Williams paint.

Mesker will pre-finish fully welded doors, galvannealed doors, panel doors, sound doors, fire rated doors and more. With any of those doors, you can order a fully welded finish painted frame. And because we never stop innovating…

Many specifications call for a fully welded edge door. That’s not a problem either, because our revolutionary NVS fully welded edge door can be painted. It’s a welded-edge seamless door with a factory finished paint that looks outstanding.

So, if you want custom finished metal doors that :
   • Have a durable,electrostatic,baked -on finish
   • Are HAPS and VOC free, environmentally friendly
   • Come in thousands of Sherwin Williams colors
   • Meet the Buy American act by being manufactured in the USA
   • And can be a welded-edge seamless door…

Think Mesker Door, and visit Mesker Door for more information.